Everything you need to know about Romanian Citizenship

In this article, we will talk about obtaining Romanian citizenship and how you can obtain this.
Here is how Romanian citizenship can be obtained: by birth, by adoption, Romanian citizenship is also obtained by granting on request.

Let’s talk more about gaining Romanian citizenship by birth.

For example, children who are born in Romania, to parents who belong to this country, are Romanian citizens. Also are considered Romanian citizens those who were born on the territory of Romania, even if one of their parents is of another citizenship, by the other parent is Romanian.

Children who were born abroad and both parents, or one of them has Romanian citizenship, can be called Romanian citizens.

Also, Romanian citizenship can be acquired by the child who has another citizenship, or without citizenship by adoption, if the adopters are Romanian citizens, and the adopted child is not 18 years old.

Romanian citizenship can be granted to the person requesting, upon request, the person without citizenship, or the foreign citizen, if he meets the following conditions:

– was born and resides on the territory of Romania at the time he applies, or, although he was not born on this territory, but resides under the law on the territory of the Romanian state for at least 8 years, or if he is married and coexists together with a Romanian citizen, for at least 5 years from the moment the marriage was completed,
– minimum 18 years old,
– has provided legal means for a decent existence, under the conditions established by the legislation on the regime of foreign citizens,
– has not been convicted in the country or abroad for any crime,
– knows the Romanian language and has elementary notions of Romanian culture and civilization,
– knows the provisions of the Romanian Constitution and the national anthem.

How can you apply for the Romanian citizenship? And have European citizenship?

The approval of the applications for granting the Romanian citizenship, or its recovery, is made by a decision of the Government which appreciates in this respect, on the proposals of the Ministry.

Also, the application for granting Romanian citizenship can be submitted in person, or in other special cases strictly legal, through a representative with a special and authentic power of attorney, and this will be accompanied by documents proving compliance with legal conditions.

The examination of the application may be carried out by the commission after more than 30 days from the date of its publication.

The person who is granted Romanian citizenship with the establishment of domicile on the territory of the Romanian country, must take within 6 months, before the Ministry of Justice, or the Secretary of State delegated for this purpose, the oath of allegiance to Romania.

Romanian citizenship is acquired at the time and date on which the oath was taken.

When the oath is taken, the Ministry of Justice, or the head of the diplomatic mission, or of the consular office, will issue to the person to whom the Romanian citizenship was granted, a certificate on which the photo of the holder is applied.

If the minor children acquire Romanian citizenship together with their parents, they will be registered in the citizenship certificate.

Romanian citizenship can be lost in the following cases:

– in case the person wants to withdraw the Romanian citizenship,
– in case the renunciation of the Romanian citizenship is approved,
– in other cases, provided by law.

Next, we will talk about the benefits of the Romanian citizenship.

First, the persons who apply for Romanian citizenship, have the right to a permanent residence in Europe, this being a status that allows the person to live in the country for an unlimited time.

Holders of permanent residence have the same rights as Romanian citizens, except for the right to vote and to be elected.

Another advantage is to work legally in Europe, any EU countries with the rights of an European. That is, anyone who wants to work in any EU country needs a work permit. The Romanian passport allows this, without obtaining a work permit and only obtaining a residence permit.

People who have Romanian citizenship have the opportunity to study at the best universities in Great Britain, Germany, France, but also other EU countries. Also, the cost of obtaining an European education for EU citizens is lower than for citizens of foreign countries.

Obtaining Romanian citizenship will also exempt you forever from the need to repeatedly register documents in order to open a bank account, or to apply for a low interest loan.

The Romanian passport can guarantee that you can easily reach several European countries, without the need for other visas.

Also, once you become a full citizen of the European Union, you have the opportunity to receive high-level medical care, regardless of your place of permanent residence. Foreign citizens who have obtained a permanent residence, or a residence permit have the right to receive medical care.

The truth about how to obtain Romanian citizenship is that you need a series of complex documents, and this may be more demanding for you.

The good news is that our team is always ready to help you in this endeavor. We are at your disposal for any other additional details, and we will help you get what you want.

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