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Our lawyers offer business legal consultancy services for the business that you already operate, or want to open in Romania. Contact us today!


Who do you work with?
We work with companies, corporate business or private environment that need legal consultancy. We specialize in corporate and international law so we can guide you through all legal procedures that your or your company needs.

What kind of legal services do you offer?
We offer immigration services and legal consultancy services for companies. That means we can help you with your contracts and legal documents that need to be drafted for your business development. We can also help you prepare any immigration file to obtain the Romanian residency.

Where can I work with you from?
You can contact us from anywhere in the world. And of course, from Romania, if you want to meet and have a legal conversation. We can help you with any documentation that has to be according to European Union regulations or with any process that implies companies’ development, immigration through investments, or immigration plans for private persons.

When should I start using your legal services?
You should start using our services when you need it, or when you plan to move or travel to Romania. We recommend you contact us before your arrival in Romania, so we can have enough time to schedule and prepare you all the immigration documents.

Why should I work with an experienced lawyer instead of doing it myself?
Our success rate with business residence permits is 100% so we can help you achieve your goal faster and at a lower cost than if you were to do it yourself. You are not saving any money by handling legal matters yourself. You need a qualified lawyer to help with your business legal matters in Romania, otherwise you can lose more on the long-run.

How can I start working with Adelina?
Contact our office today and we’ll help you!

Full Details:

Our lawyers offer business legal consultancy services for the business that you already operate, or want to open in Romania.

Foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to Romania need to observe the entry requirements, as well as the conditions for obtaining the long-term residence permit.

Our immigration lawyers in Romania offer personalized assistance, according to the purpose of the stay, for all foreign nationals. Our Romanian law firm provides assistance and representation in a wide range of immigration matters.

Immigration matters:

  1. Short-stay visa
  2. Long-stay visa
  3. Long-stay residence permit in Romania
  4. Business visa
  5. Digital nomad visa
  6. Family reunification residence
  7. Romanian citizenship

Short-term stays in Romania are visa-free in Romania for EU/EEA citizens, as well as citizens of Canada, Israel, Japan, the United States of America and other countries. If you want to relocate to Romania, however, applying for a long-term residence permit becomes mandatory for purposes involving employment, business, or family reunification. Discussing the mandatory steps with immigration lawyers in Romania before arrival to the country is advisable in all cases for those who wish to move to Romania.

Our immigration lawyers assist all foreign nationals who are eligible and ready to apply for citizenship in Romania. Gaining this status is possible by request, through the process of naturalization (also referred to as application). For this to be possible, the candidate needs to have lawfully resided in the country for at least 8 years at the time of the application. In some cases, this period is shorter and our team can detail these situations. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of English-speaking immigration lawyersin Romania as soon as you need clarifications or assistance. 

Why Hire An Immigration Legal Representative

Hiring an immigration legal representative and Romania Lawyers can provide many benefits for individuals and families seeking to enter the country, secure more permanent residency, as well as assistance for local and foreign investors. Immigration lawyers in Romania are knowledgeable about the laws, regulations, and criminal law within the country, as well as the business law aspects and procedures for filing applications properly. Law offices understand how to identify potential problems in a person’s application so that it can be corrected before being denied by authorities. Most importantly, Romanian corporate and commercial law services cover the process from start to finish, making sure applicants don’t miss any important deadlines or leave out any required information. Additionally, they know what documents need to be filed, how much time is necessary for processing applications and appeals, requirements within local authorities and other related details. Hiring an immigration lawyer can also provide security for when legal disputes occur.

Legal Assistance From Romanian Lawyers

When applying for one of the types of visas described above, our immigration lawyer in Romania assigned to your case will make sure that your application documents are submitted in the correct format.

The visa and business permits application process is one based on a number of key documents, all of which need to be translated into Romanian by a sworn translator and, in some cases, even notarized.

If you’re a non Romanian citizen who wishes to move to Romania from an EU or non-EU country, you will need to prepare your application for a long-term visa, the one suitable for lengthy stays and, ultimately, for immigration law purposes.

If you wish to relocate to Romania for investment purposes, either in real estate or for the purpose of opening a company in various business fields, our immigration lawyers are specialized in this legal profession, and can provide insight to specific questions.