Romania Residence Permit – First Time Application

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Who can obtain a Romania Residence Permit?
Anyone from any country as long as you meet the legal requirements.

What kind of Romania Residence Permits exist?
There are many forms of residence permits that can be obtained. You can obtain a business residency regarding your company, or a work permit if you do not meet the requirements for business. Also, if you have a member of your family that already resides here, you can obtain a permit for family reunification. There are also permits for students, administrators of companies, researchers, scientifically studies or religious acts.

Where can I apply from?
The application must be made from Romania, in the city where you have the address of living. We can prepare the immigration file before your arrival in Romania but for the application you must be in Romania.

When should I apply?
You should start the process a few months before you wish to come to Romania. If you will apply for the work permit, the preparation with the company that will hire, should start at least 6 months before your arrival in Romania.

Why should I choose Romania?
Entrepreneurs, travelers, expats, digital nomads and everyone else love Romania because of the beautiful landscapes, wonderful people and lower cost of living. There is something for everyone here!

How to open obtain a Romania Residence Permit?
Contact our office today and we’ll help you!

Full Details:

You can obtain the Romanian Residence Permit for a period of one year or more, depending on the type of application that you want to do. The business Residence Permit can be renewed every year, for the same period of time.

Here is what to do to obtain a renewable Romanian Residence Permit. The business Residence Permit will help you with the commercial activities. But first, you need to incorporate a Romanian Company. So that can allow you to have commercial activity. 

In order to obtain the residency card, you must submit a request to the General Inspectorate for Immigration of Romania.

Before we can submit the request, you need to rent an apartment in Romania. The minimum period of the Rental Agreement has to be one year. Below we will detail for you the steps that you need to follow.


The incorporation of the Romanian Company must be a Limited Liability Company (Ltd). That in Romania is shortly called S.R.L.

For this, you need to send us three different names, in your preferred order. That is the first step to register the company. We reserve the name that is available for you. After we finish with the name of your company, we can start to prepare all the documents with that exact name.

If you are not in Romania, we can incorporate the company by Power of Attorney. In this case, we will send you the drafts of the documents and you need to sign and send back to us the documents in original, by courier.

If there is an Ltd. Company, the company must have an accountant. We are in touch with many certified accountants. As a result, we can set up an accounting plan. Secondly, your commercial activity is also under protection. You benefit from a professional financial consultant from the beginning of your business immigration journey.

Immigration Office requests some measures of Health Insurance and also a medical care program. To fill this request, you need to have private health insurance for the beginning. This must be issued for one year. We also have to submit some documents from one medical check-up with a Romanian doctor. That must be in a private clinic, and we take care of all preparations for you.

Medical consultation is usually a very easy procedure. You don’t need to worry about it. The documents of the medical consultation have to indicate good general health. These documents and the insurance policy are added to your immigration file.

Your immigration file is complete when you pay the taxes. You will find the whole structure of taxes and fees in the immigration plan, that we will send to you.


We are always here to help. You can contact us whenever you feel you need our help. You can use the contact form or call the phone number.

Romania Residence Permit application form and details

The Romanian Residence Permit can be acquired with a validity of one year for business purposes, and then renewed yearly, extending its duration to the same amount of time.

Attaining a renewable Romanian temporary Residence Permit for commercial activities is easy when you follow the steps below. You must first incorporate into a Romanian Company and then submit a petition to the National Inspectorate of Immigration from Romania. These two action items will enable you to engage in commerce without any hassles. You will also need to fill out some sort of residence permit application form.

The first step for foreign citizens considering relocating to Romania, is they’ll need to find a living space. The minimum rental period required by most landlords is one year and rent prices typically start from 200 euro per month; many owners also require an upfront deposit of one or two month’s rent prior to your move. With that taken care of, you’ll be ready for life in Romania.

Researching the Romanian immigration laws process doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavour. You can ask us for all the information you need on fees and procedures, so that attaining your renewable temporary residence permits is an easy task. With our complete Immigration Plan, navigating the system has never been simpler or more straightforward.

To move forward and for you to stay in Romania, we must Incorporate your Romanian Company as a Limited Liability Company in Romania. After you provide three different names for us to consider, we will reserve the one that is available and begin preparing all the following documents necessary for registration of the company.

If you are not located within Romania’s boundaries, rest assured that Power-of-Attorney can be invoked so long as the required original documentation is delivered to us via courier before submission.

Establishing an Ltd. Company and securing a certified accountant is no longer difficult given that we are in contact with many reliable professionals. With our assistance, you can benefit from the setup of a specialized accounting plan while being ensured protection for your commercial activities by knowledgeable financial consultants.

The Immigration Office requires certain health insurance and medical care requirements to be met. To ensure you comply with these regulations, it is necessary for you to acquire private health coverage for a period of one year.

In addition, an assessment from a Romanian medical professional conducted in the privacy of their clinic must occur before documents confirming good general health can be added into your immigration file for the Romanian authorities, but don’t fret! This consultation process is typically quite straightforward and uncomplicated, and you are not required to speak the Romanian language. We usually assist you with this process too.

Once you take care of the taxes, your immigration file is fully ready. All fees and taxes can be found in our detailed yet easy to understand Immigration Plan!

After all identification required documents have been completed, we will submit the procedure to the National Immigration Office. This is the final step for your immigration plan and once you’ve done so, a Romanian temporary Residence Permit like a long stay visa can be obtained. Once you have received your residence permit, you can stay in Romania longer than 90 days, like a Romanian citizen.

That being said, it wouldn’t be like a permanent residence permit, but you can renew it every year. However, you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits that come with having a Romania Residence Permit, such as access to healthcare, education and other public services.

We specialize in helping people from all over the world achieve their immigration dreams by obtaining their Romanian residency or even Romanian citizenship, to guarantee continuous and legal stay in Romania.

This includes assisting with the entire duration process of obtaining Romanian Residence Permits.

In summary, we are always here to lend a helping hand. Reach out via the contact form or phone number if you feel you require assistance – our Bucharest office is open from Monday through Friday.