Special Immigration Treaty for Japanese, American, Canadian and Swiss Citizens

Obtaining a Residence Permit in Romania can sometimes be difficult for the people that are citizens of a country located outside of the European Union. But starting with 2003, Romania has adopted a governmental decision regarding some special conditions that can be offered to people from Japan, United States, Canada and Switzerland.

Having this in mind, we can state that the immigration procedures became easier for the persons of these countries, in order to apply for a Romanian Residence Permit regarding commercial activities.

In a regular procedure of obtaining the Resident Permit for commercial activities, a Romanian Limited Liability Company (Ltd.) has to be registered with the Trade Registry Office and the Non-E.U. Shareholders have to prepare a business plan that will indicate the exact object of the company’s activity. Also, the income plan of the company has to prove a minimum profit of 500 EUR per month for each Shareholder, the profit has to be earned monthly and it has to exist due to the company’s activity in Romania. After one year period, the company has to worth at least 50.000 EUR or if this amount is not reached, it has to create at least 10 jobs for other people.

It is very hard for a start-up company to prove this kind of income in the beginning of its activity, that is why this special treaty it’s so important, because thanks to the Governmental Decision no. 590 from 21stMay, 2003, the Romanian government lifted these conditions and excepted the people of Japan, United States, Canada and Switzerland from presenting this kind of business plan and also lifted the income conditions, meaning that the limit of 500 EUR per month for each Shareholder and 50.000 EUR total worth of the company, will not be applied to the citizens of these counties.

Therefore, the citizens of Japan, United States, Canada and Switzerland, can obtain the Romanian Resident Permit without meeting the following conditions,that normally should be met by other Non-E.U. citizens:

–   to present documents attesting the investment made in accordance with the business plan of the company;

–   to provide proof of the means of support in the amount of at least 500 EUR per month;

–   to provide the funds necessary for the employees of the company in accordance with the object of activity and the business plan.

All of these conditions shall not be met for any Japanese, American, Canadian and Swiss citizens that want to apply for a Romanian Residence Permit.

Another important condition was removed for the citizens of these countries, from the list of mandatory conditions to obtain the Residence Permit, and it regards the moment when the Residence Permit has to be renewed, moment that will occur after one year since of Residence Permit. The citizens of Japan, United States, Canada and Switzerland will not have to show any of the following documents:

–   documents showing that the investment in the company is materialized in a share capital or transfer of technology worth at least 50.000 EUR or the creation of at least 10 jobs;

–   documents proving a personal incomes of at least 500 EUR per month, obtained from the activity conducted on the territory of Romania.

Having this special rights and advantages available only to this particular group of citizens, shall not be interpreted as discriminatory measures regarding other Non-E.U. citizens but as for a privilege granted to Japanese, American, Canadian and Swisscitizensbased on the professional and international relations built with confidence and reliance between this counties and Romania.

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