How to obtain European Residence Permit in Romania

If you are a citizen of a state outside the EU – Europe, or EEA – European Economic Area, and you want to be able to work in Romania, you must know that you need a residence permit. If you want to invest in Romania, you can open a Romanian Company without a residence permit, but if you need one, you can obtain a business residence permit by investment.

This residence permit can be obtained from the General Inspectorate for Immigration. The good news is that we can help you get this residence card, with less problems for you to solve.

About the employment right, you will need a work permit, and you must also know that it offers you the possibility to work for a single employer, a company, or a physical person. And if you want to change the place where you work, implicitly the employer, you must know that it is necessary to obtain a new employment, work permit.

Also, obtaining an European residence permit is mandatory after entering Romania if you chose to stay here more than 90 days. Or more than the actual days that your Visa allows you to stay. This document certifies that you have the legal right to stay in Romania. To obtain such a permit, you need several documents, and it can be applied for at least 30 days before the expiration of the right to stay granted by your Visa.

In Romania, you can also obtain the family reunification permit. If you are married to a Romanian citizen and want to obtain an European residence permit, you need the following documents:

– the border crossing document, implicitly, the passport, or a travel document. These documents must be presented both in original and in copy,
– the identity document of the Romanian citizen,
– marriage certificate issued by the Romanian authorities. If the marriage was concluded abroad, the certificate will be transcribed at the Civil Status Offices in Romania.
– a written declaration by which the foreign citizen declares that he has not concluded another marriage,
– proof of legal ownership of the home and the address at which the residence is declared on the Romanian territory,
– medical certificate,
– proof of social health insurance,
– and taxes.

Once you have obtained a residence permit in Romania, you will receive a personal numeric code, called NIF. It is granted only once, regardless the number of entries in the country, or the period spent in Romania.

This personal numerical code consists of 13 digits and appears on all temporary residence documents, or in other types of documents that will be obtained in the future. The personal numerical code will be changed only if the Romanian citizenship is obtained.

These are the most important aspects to consider when asking yourself how to obtain a residence permit in Romania.

My team consists of qualified, competent staff, with good training in this field and is ready to guide you to the best decisions.

Now is the time to stop worrying about all the documents you need to get a residence permit in Romania. We are here for you!

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