Frequently Asked Questions

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We help people all over the world to obtain the Residence Permit for extending their right to stay in Romania. We help you to open a business in Romania, we inform you of all the legal ways that you need to know so you can start the business properly and make it successful. We specialize in corporate law, business residence procedures, obtaining the Residence Permit for you and we offer any legal consultation regarding the conditions that must be met for each specific residence permit.

We offer business immigration services, make the complete plan for the immigration procedures and all that implies. We also offer family reunification plans for your family members that want to join Romania, we extend their legal right to stay in Romania. We also offer digital nomad services for immigration and working plans. We collaborate with our lawyer colleagues for the work permit procedures, and we make sure you have the best options for renewal of the immigration procedures.

The Visa procedures can only be made outside of Romania, all the procedures for Visa must be done to the Romanian Embassy or Consulate, in your country. The Visa must be obtained if you are from a country that Romania requires Visa to enter.

The Resident Permit procedures require your presence in Romania, you must be present for the immigration application before Immigration Office and for some prior procedures that we must do in your presence.

Yes, we can take care of your registration process even if you are not in Romania, we will inform you of all the documents that you need to send us, and about all the procedures that we need to follow. Even if you are not in Romania, we can represent you by Power of Attorney before Trade Registry, in order to register and start a business in Romania.

Immigration Office has a legal term of 30 days to respond to any application. However that doesn’t mean that your immigration plan will only take 30 days to happen. Depending on the application, it can take minimum 1 month for business resident plans or it can take up to 6 months for working permits.

She has experience in immigration law and immigration procedures for over 10 years and she has been through all the procedures and legal practices many times, she knows the legal ways to make a perfect immigration plan.

The service fees and taxes are different for each procedure. You will know from the beginning the exact amount that you need to pay, we have no secret fees and taxes that will be added on the process. Contact us with your request and we will let you know the service cost based on your case.

For business residence permits we have a 100% success rates, this was always possible because we prepare the files correctly, we inform the clients about everything they need to know, and we make sure the clients meet all this conditions, and only after we start the immigration process. In case your situation is not in this 100% successful rate, we inform you from the beginning about the risks that you face, and you will know from start what to expect.

The process can be stressful if you do it on your own and you don’t know the procedures, and what are the step to follow. Also, it might feel overwhelming to see that the General Inspectorate for Immigration is always full and busy. In this case, if you decide to work with us, you will not have to worry about any of these things, we will handle your case and just inform you when we need your presence.

You can travel to Romanian if you have a Visa issued by any European Union State and there is also a way to obtain a Schengen Visa and enter Romania for a short period of time if you are a citizen from a non-E.U. country.

The rule in Romania is that you must stay for as long as the Visa allows you to. If you are from a country that doesn’t require a Visa to enter Romania, then you can stay for maximum 90 days in Romania. In case you want to extend this period and stay longer, you will have to apply to the General Inspectorate for Immigration, for a Resident Permit that will allow you to extend the right to stay in Romania.