Renewal of Residence Permit

The Romanian Residence Permit can be renewed, before its expiration date, for a period of another one year. This procedure is easier and less time consuming. 

The renewal of your Residence Permit involves a few mandatory steps that need to be done before the application request. It is very important that this procedure starts at least one month before the expiration date of your Residence Permit.

Firstly, your Company will need to be updated with a new Head Office, because the first Head Office Contract was concluded for one year, which is also the maximum legal period that a Head Office of a Company can be registered in a Law Office. This legal procedure involves new documents of the company and it takes only three days, for the modifications to be registered at Trade Registry of Bucharest. 

In the bottom of this page, you will find the Complete Immigration Renewal Plan and Fees, that contains all the procedures and fees needed for the renewal of the Romanian Residence Permit.

The same procedure of contract renewal will apply to the apartment that you have rented in Bucharest, that is if your Lease Agreement (Rent Contract) was concluded with the owner of the apartment for the minimum period of one year. The Lease Agreement can be legally renewed for more that one year as a period of time, depending on the agreement that you have with the owner, but it cannot be less than one year, in order for Immigration Office to renew the Resident Permit.

Another important step in the renewal procedure is the National Health Insurance. In Romania, after you obtain a Resident Permit, you have to register with the public health insurance, that is a national insurance which covers any of your health issues, that you treat in a national public hospital system. For this insurance, the Fiscal Administration of Romania collects a tax that has to be paid after the documentation for registering in the national health system is done.

In order to complete the renewal procedure, you also have to take a medical consultation. This is the same procedure that you had before, for the first Residence Permit. The documents of the medical consultation have to indicate a good general health. This, together with the national insurance, helps Immigration Office to keep a good medical record.

After all these steps are complete, the last thing to do is paying the taxes for the Romanian Government and completing the application request for another year of Resident Permit. This application will take place at the National Immigration Office of Bucharest where we will go together for submitting the documents.