Romania Digital Nomad Visa

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Who can apply for the Romania Digital Nomad Visa?
Anyone from any country as long as you meet the application requirements.

What is the Romania Digital Nomad Visa?
It is a visa that allows you to enter Romania and obtain a Residence Permit so you can live and work in Romania without any problems.

Where can I apply from?
You can apply from anywhere in the world, contact us from your country before your arrival with at least a few months before and we will plan everything for you.

When should I apply?
Start the process a few months before you arrive in Romania. The process asks for an immigration file to be prepared and for some documents to be drafted. After these documents are ready you can start the application for Visa (if you need any), or you can come directly to Romania and apply for the residency card.

Why should I choose Romania?
Digital Nomads love Romania because of the beautiful landscapes, wonderful people and low cost of living. There is something for everyone here.

How can I apply?
Contact our office today and we’ll help you.

Full Details:

Tucked away in Southeastern Europe, Romania is a stunningly majestic nation that has recently joined the ranks of countries offering a new digital nomad visa or visas to international remote workers. Boasting lush forests and lightning-fast internet speeds, Romania presents itself as an ideal destination for those seeking a place to work remotely with breathtaking views. All you have to do is pick the location where you want to set up your workspace and enjoy your new life.

Does Romania Have a Digital Nomad Visa?

Yes! If you’re looking to become a digital nomad or already are one, Romania can provide the perfect opportunity for you. When applying for the Romanian Digital Nomad Visa, there are some requirements that must be met, our lawyers will make it very easy and will take care of everything for you:

You need to work remotely with an employer or client located outside of Romania; your job should involve using telecommunications (phone or computer) technology; and make sure that your average earnings exceed 3 times the gross monthly salary in Romania.

Requirements for the Romania Digital Nomad Visa

If you intend to become a digital nomad visa applicant in Romania, the following documents must be gathered: proof of employment (including both the original and Romanian translated versions of your contract with an overseas-registered company), as well as information on that company. This document should include contact details and data regarding its legal representatives. Our team can handle the translation.

In order to secure a visa for Romania, one must submit a letter of intent where they disclose the purpose of their stay along with any planned activities. Additionally, prospective visitors are required to present proof that taxes have been paid on time and without evasion or tax fraud, this will need to be submitted in translation form which we will of course help with.

To gain entrance into Romania, you must provide evidence of valid tickets like a flight confirmation, train or bus ticket, or driver’s license. Additionally, to ensure that you are able to support yourself financially during your stay in the country, you’ll need to furnish bank statements for the last six months demonstrating your income. Your income should at least be three times greater than average gross monthly salary within Romania preceding and throughout the duration of your visa application.

When traveling to Romania, you must present valid health insurance with coverage for the duration of your stay. Additionally, a clean criminal record report from the local police station or office is necessary; this certificate should be legalized and translated into Romanian. Further, prove that you have somewhere to live in Romania by submitting rental agreements or similar documents. Finally, submit any other documents requested by competent Romanian authorities if needed.

Benefits of Working as a Digital Nomad in Romania

Romania’s digital nomad visa offers an array of advantages. With a straightforward application process and approval time ranging from ten to fourteen days, it’s no wonder why so many individuals choose this destination. To get started, contact us by email and we will get everything in order for you.

  • As a digital nomad, you can reap the benefits of Romanian tax-free living. On top of that, Romania’s internet infrastructure is well developed. Enjoy an ultra-fast fixed connection at over 100 Mbps at home and mobile speeds of 50 Mbps or faster, perfect for remote work and effortless connectivity.
  • Romania has a wealth of coworking spaces located in multiple cities, providing the perfect setting for digital nomads to connect with like-minded individuals while also enjoying peace and tranquility. These places offer comfort, convenience, and an opportunity to make meaningful connections. A lot of our malls and public spaces have tables, chairs and outlets ready for you.
  • Romania is renowned for its affordability – the cost of living in this European country is noticeably low so if you’re coming from a Western country you will save a fortune living here! As of 2023 we still have monthly phone plans for 6 euro that offer 1,000+ monthly minutes and 50gb high speed data.

How to Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa for Romania?

To apply online for the Romania digital nomad visa, contact our office and we will get you started with everything including these steps:

  • Establish an online account with a working email address on the Romanian eVisa Platform.
  • Collect all necessary documents listed above to complete your application process accurately and efficiently.
  • Submit your details and pay any related fees through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ secure e-platform platform system.
  • Now comes the waiting period – typically two weeks should see your application approved or denied by authorities, our team has an extremely high success rate, so no worries.

Do you need a Residence Permit for Romania Digital Nomad Visa?

Upon arrival in Romania, you must apply for a residence permit from the General Inspectorate for Immigration office. To make your application process simple and smooth sailing, contact us as soon as possible so we can start compiling these documents ahead of time:

  • The residence permit application form.
  • Your original passport and a photocopy.
  • Proof of accommodation in Romania both original and a copy of the document.
  • Your employment contract.
  • Documents stating your salary.
  • A medical certificate issued by any public or private sanitary institution that proves that you don’t pose any danger to the public by having any disease.
  • Proof you have paid the residence permit fee.

When you submit your application for a Romanian residence permit, the processing time is typically within one month; leaving you qualified for the digital nomad visa.

How Long Does It Take to Process a Romania Digital Nomad Visa?

Your Romania digital nomad visa application should be processed in about 2 weeks; however, the processing time may vary depending on which embassy you applied to and how many applications they have received. Complications may arise so this is why it’s important to have someone like us on your side, we understand how to deal with any situation.

Validity of the Romania Digital Nomad Visa

The Romania digital nomad visa offers you twelve months of stay, and if the initial requirements are met, it can be renewed to extend your stay up to another year.

Does Romania Have a Good Internet Speed?

If you’re a digital nomad, Romania is the perfect place for you. Boasting one of the top internet speeds across Europe and beyond, your worries about finding suitable Wi-Fi are extinguished in this country. Enjoy blazingly fast connection with no interruptions as you work and explore.

Is Romania Cheap for Digital Nomads?

Romania is a cheap country where you can live a comfortable life because of the affordable prices.

Overall, Romania is an ideal country for digital nomads looking to open a business due to its affordability, access to reliable internet services and the welcoming business culture. With a digital nomad visa, you can easily get financial resources, navigate the application process and secure a residence permit to explore all that Romania has to offer.

Paying Taxes as a Digital Nomad in Romania

Digital nomads with no Romanian citizenship are not subject to taxation by Romania. However, local citizens must provide evidence of their property tax and residence in a country included within the double tax treaty signed between Romania and other nations before they can be exempted from paying worldwide taxes. On top of that, the personal income tax rate is extremely low in comparison to other countries. Furthermore, there aren’t any extra local income taxes levied on residents or non-residents.

Additionally, there are no net wealth/worth, inheritance tax or estate duties. Property taxes in Romania may vary depending on the area where it is located.

Why Would Romania Be a Good Choice for Digital Nomads

With a Romania digital nomad visa, you can experience these extraordinary advantages:

Romania’s lightning-fast internet connection makes it the perfect destination for remote work. Furthermore, with its four distinct seasons, you will be able to experience a variety of climates throughout the year and enjoy breathtaking beauty spots like Bran Castle, Piata Mare, Corvin castle and Targu Jiu and so much more.

While living in Romania as a digital nomad, you can savor an abundance of delectable Romanian dishes like papanasi, beef salad, sarmale and alivenci. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Romanian – many locals are able to communicate in English. Conversing with the people around you will make your stay even more enjoyable as friendships are formed.

Romania is dotted with picturesque cities, each offering countless coworking spaces for remote workers. Why not make the most of your work-from-home experience and explore some of these stunning locales?

Best Places to Be a Digital Nomad in Romania

If you’re looking for reliable internet, affordable living costs, and wonderful experiences as a digital nomad, Romania should be your go-to destination. Here are the top cities in this beautiful country that will make all of your dreams come true:

  • Step inside the vibrant city of Bucharest, Romania’s capital and renowned “Little Paris,” for an absolute digital experience. The bustling coworking spaces will undoubtedly offer you a hospitable atmosphere with opportunity-filled energy that can help jumpstart your projects.
  • Welcome to Brasov, the city formerly known as Transylvania. Here you can immerse yourself in a unique blend of cultures and enjoy stunning views of the Carpathian Mountains, explore ancient castles, and bask in an alluring atmosphere that will leave you enchanted.
  • Timișoara beckons you with its charming old town atmosphere, vivid colors, and captivating architecture. As a digital nomad, you can enjoy the various coworking spaces and coffee shops that offer an ideal working environment for your career. Discover why this city is such an attractive destination to travelers from around the world.
  • Located in Romania, the enchanting city of Cluj Napoca offers breathtaking historical attractions – and its people are known for their undying love for coffee. Perfect for remote working, there’s no shortage of cozy cafes where you can sip on your favorite cup of joe.
  • Constanta beckons to those looking for a blissful escape on the stunning Black Sea. As you stroll through its streets, it’s easy to feel emanate from the city and experience its abundant history firsthand. Not to mention that this beachside destination is ideal for anyone who loves spending plenty of time by the shore.

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