Optional Services

If you decided to apply for a Resident Permit, these services are available in order for you to have an easier accommodation in Romania.

I have made an optional services plan to help you, after or before your arrival in Romania. This optional services exist so you can save time with all the organisational procedures. In the following, we will summarise the reasons we think these services could help you.

When you first arrive in Romania, it is best for you to know that your phone number might not work because of the different telephone services. In case you don’t have much time to lose, or maybe if you only have little time to spend in Romania, it is better for us to meet right away at the airport. In this case, we can give you a phone with a Romanian number, that will help us communicate. 

In the bottom of the page, you will find the list with all the Optional Services Plan and Fees that Adelina Predoi Law Office can provide for you, before or after the Residence Permit application. 

Immediately after your arrival, we will start the procedures mentioned in the immigration plan that we have agreed on. For this, it is better if you have your Hotel or AirBnb apartment, near the center of the city, where most of the procedures will take place. For that purpose, I can recommend several accommodation that will help you travel through Bucharest very easy. 

Another service that might interest you is opening a bank account. This can be opened in your personal name, or in your company’s name, after the Company is incorporated in Romania. The company bank account is also needed for the commercial activities and for the accountancy of the company.

After the Resident Permit is issued, if you want to apply in the following year for the renewal of the permit, you will have to register with the National Health Insurance system. This procedure involves two steps, one for registering as a resident to the Fiscal Administration of Romania and the second is to obtain the public health insurance from the National Health Institution in Bucharest.

All the residents of Romania, that obtained a national health insurance, have to be registered to a Family Doctor that specialises in general medicine and will help you benefit from the insurance in any health issue that you might have. The importance of having a family doctor is that he keeps records of all the issues that are registered on your name and this way, he can guide you exactly and directly to the public system that you might need.

For more services that can help you, such as translator, car transfers, picking up the Resident Permit from Immigration Office etc. please click the button “Optional Services Plan and Fees” located below.