NEW Residence Permit

The Romanian Residence Permit for commercial activities can be obtained for a period of one year and it can be renewed every year, for the same period of time.

In order to obtain a renewable Romanian Residence Permit for commercial activities, there are some prior steps that need to be taken. One of the most important is to incorporate into a Romanian Company, that will allow you to have commercial activity. Below, I will summarise the steps that need to be taken, in order to petition the National Immigration Office of Romania.

Firstly, you will need to rent an apartment in Romania, upon your arrival. The minimum period of the Renting Contract has to be one year. The rent for apartments in Romania can start from 200 € depending on the area. For reservation, most of the owners of the apartments require a deposit fee and one month’s rent, before your arrival in Romania.

In the bottom of the page, you will find the Complete Immigration Plan and Fees that will help you understand all the structured procedures and fees for obtaining the renewable Romanian Residence Permit.

Next step is the Incorporation of the Romanian Company, that will be a Limited Liability Company (LTD) that in Romania is shortly called S.R.L. In order to register the company, you will have to send us three different names, in your preferred order and we will reserve the name that is available for you. After the name of the company is reserved, we can start preparing all the documents for the incorporation process. If you choose to start this procedures while you are still in your country, we can incorporate the company by Power of Attorney,  and in this case you will have to send us the documents in original by courier. 

Because it is a LTD Company, the Romanian law requests that the company should have an accountant. We are working with two certified accountants and we can set up an accounting plan for your company, in this case your commercial activity will be protected and you will benefit from a professional financial consultation as well. 

In a personal matter, Immigration Office requests some measures of Health Insurance and Medical Care, so in order to fill this request you will need to carry a private health insurance issued for one year and you will need to submit to one medical check-up with a Romanian doctor in a private clinic. The medical consultation is usually a very easy and fast procedure, that you don’t need to worry about. The documents of the medical consultation have to indicate a good general health. This, together with the insurance policy, will be added to your immigration file.

In order for your immigration file to be complete, you will have to pay some taxes to the Romanian Government. You can find the whole structure of taxes and fees in the immigration plan, by clicking the button “Complete Immigration Plan and Fees” located below. 

After all the documents are complete, we will prepare the immigration application that we will submit at the National Immigration Office. Usually, this procedure is the last step of the immigration plan regarding your first new Romanian Residence Permit.