Immigration for Ukraine. European Protection for Ukrainians

Immigration for Ukraine. European Protection for Ukrainians

If you have Ukrainian citizenship or you were permanently residing in Ukraine, and you left the country to escape the war, you may be entitled to temporary protection in any European country, including Romania.

Temporary protection will last for at least one year, and this may be extended depending on the situation in Ukraine. Rights under this situation include a Residence Permit, access to the labour market and housing, medical assistance, access to education for children etc.

Anyone residing legally in Europe also has a right to open a basic bank account. You will also have this right, to open a bank account in Romania.

Romania has implemented the temporary protection procedures, approved by the European Commission. Thus, people arriving in Romania, eligible for temporary protection and wishing to remain in our country, now can apply for a Residence Permit that will make it easier for them to stay in Romania for a longer period.

Who exactly are the beneficiaries of this protection?

First, it should be noted that the persons who can benefit from temporary protection in Romania are not only Ukrainian citizens but also stateless persons, beneficiaries of some form of international or national protection in Ukraine, as well as family members of this citizens.

There is also the situation of non-Ukrainian citizens, holders of a Permanent Residence permit in Ukraine who can also benefit from temporary protection in Romania only if, following an investigation by the Romanian Immigration authorities, it turns out that they cannot return to their home country, in safe and stable conditions.

What is the protection period?

The provisions of the new regulation on temporary protection are applicable to those who entered Romania from February 24, 2022. Except the Ukrainian citizens, who benefit from these facilities even if they entered the country before this date.

The protection measures are valid by issuing the Residence Permit. This permit is valid if the decision of the European Union is currently in force, currently issued for one year.

What rights does temporary protection offer?

The main rights conferred by the new regulation are the right to work as an employee or independently. As well as the right to use the national health and education system.

Here is a list of the rights that you may benefit from in Romania:

  • residency rights,
  • access to housing,
  • social welfare assistance,
  • medical care, including mental health care and psychological support for children,
  • legal guardianship and safe placement for unaccompanied children and teenagers,
  • access to education and/or vocational training for children and teenagers,
  • right to be part of the labour market, following the Romanian labour market policies,
  • access to banking services, for instance opening a basic bank account,
  • right to move to another European country, before the issuance of a Residence Permit,
  • right to move freely in European countries (other than the EU country of residence) for 90 days within a 180-day period after the Romanian Residence Permit is issued.

At the same time, beneficiaries of temporary protection who do not have the means to support themselves, may benefit from government measures of temporary accommodation. This measures include accommodation in locations prepared for this purpose, clothing, food, or personal hygiene products.

How to obtain a Residence Permit?

To access the temporary protection, the person in question must personally apply to the Immigration or Asylum Office. The list of the necessary documents is kept to a minimum, limited to those proving the right to temporary protection.

Even if the procedure itself should not take much time, the offices where applications are submitted will most likely be crowded, so in practice the waiting time will be longer.

You can find more details about your rights as Ukrainian citizen here, this being the official website of the European Union.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this matter, we are here to help.

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